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Whether you'd like to relax, focus, lose weight, energize, or clear a stuffy head,
results come easily and deliciously when Therapy begins with Tea   .
Please explore my website for beneficial & delicious teas,
along with expert guidance in mind/body well-being
& positive psychology to build on your tea-infused lifestyle.
Click on any link or photo below to begin enjoying the benefits.
Beneficial Blends by The Good Leaf Tea Company
A Note from Dr. Michelle Marks

I love tea because it offers effortless lifestyle enhancement.
There's no other food or drink on the planet that delivers so many life enhancing benefits in such an economical and enjoyable package.

Tea delights the senses, lifts the heart, awakens the mind,
ignites the spirit and supports the body; tea is wellness in a cup.
I believe that Integrating tea into your lifestyle can be the
foundation for a better life.

To make the most of the pleasures and rewards of tea,
I developed this collection of gourmet and wellness tea blends.

These are teas you won't find anywhere else;
they're original, delicious and some are even whimsical;
they're created with health and well-being in mind,
and unlike teas from larger purveyors of "gourmet" tea,
these teas are meticulously hand-blended in small batches;
in fact, they're usually blended to order - just for you!

With tea infused into your lifestyle,
it can be easier for you to make other positive changes too;
managing stress, increasing energy, losing weight, and even enhancing joy and your capacity to flourish and move toward positive goals.
I hope you'll explore my resources in positive psychology and
mind/body well-being and make the most of your journey toward
The Good Life with The Good Leaf.