Delicious Gourmet Tea - With a Purpose!

The Good Leaf is pleased to offer two types of Tea Collections

Tea Solutions are functional tea collections; they pair tea with
simple techniques to help you improve your life.

Tea Discoveries are collections for the curious explorer; they take you on a journey into the rich and varied world of tea.

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Tea Solution & Discovery Collections from
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Learn to Handle Stress Using Simple, Effective Strategies and Stress Relieving Teas
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TEA 101 
An Introduction to Tea
The Inspiration behind Our Tea Collections

Dr. Michelle Marks, a licensed psychologist and tea expert is the professional behind the innovative Tea Solution and Discovery collections.  

In over a decade of working as a clinical psychologist with specialty in positive psychology and mind/body medicine, Dr. Marks found that despite a desire to improve their lives, many of her clients had difficulty making changes. They often noted that they wished there was a magic elixir that would help them solve all their problems. 

At the same time, Michelle was developing a passionate interest in tea; its history, culture, health benefits, variety, flavor, and of course, how wonderful it made her feel. It became clear to her that tea was the magic elixir her clients yearned for; and she has spent the last few years studying tea and building The Good Leaf Gourmet Tea Company.

With her latest innovation Dr. Marks returns to her background in psychology and pairs functional gourmet teas with her pragmatic approach to well-being. Her goal is to make it easy to enjoy and benefit from nature’s best wellness tonic.  

With Tea Solutions, she targets areas of concern for many people today including chronic stress, weight problems, and not enjoying life. She selects teas by their function or flavor profile and pairs them with simple and effective self-help strategies. The teas and strategies complement each other and result in maximum benefits achievable in the simplest and most enjoyable way possible – one sip at a time. And Tea Discoveries make it fun to learn about, enjoy, and incorporate tea into your life so you can experience all the benefits. Tea Solutions and Discoveries offer a comprehensive approach to experiencing The Good Life with The Good Leaf.

Each collection includes
3 full-sized tins of
hand-packed gourmet tea and a guide booklet; tastefully presented in
a black gift box with champagne ribbon
The Way to Use Tea When You're Managing Your Weight
Tasty Herbal Teas to Make You Well and  Keep You Well

Simple Strategies to Increase Your Happiness Quotient are Extra Effective when Paired with these Delicous Teas
functional tea comibined with simple, effective  life enhancement strategies.

experience a guided journey into the rich and satisfying adventure of tea.
Create a Family Tea Tradition by Sharing Delicious, Fruity, Decaf
Teas for Tots
Build a Blend
Complete Tea Blending Kit.  Create your own Unique Blended Teas!
Teas to Help you Focus When you Need to and Unwind when you're Ready.