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Beneficial Blends by The Good Leaf Tea Company
Calming & Stress Management Teas
Dr. Michelle Marks is the founder and proprietor of The Good Leaf Gourmet Tea Company.  Prior to opening The Good Leaf, Dr. Marks was a private practice psychologist specializing in positive psychology, stress management and mind/body medicine. She noticed that people entered therapy seeking better health, relaxation, simplicity, tranquility and well-being, but they had difficulty following through with the work of psychotherapy. She wished she could offer them a magic elixir to bring them better health and well-being.
One afternoon in 2005, after a particularly challenging day of therapy, Michelle sat down and brewed herself a cup of tea. As she took her time in preparing and savoring the brew, feeling herself relax into the moment and leaving the stress of the day behind as she often did with an afternoon cup of tea, she realized that she was holding that magic potion in her hands. She recognized that tea - the ancient elixir that delights the senses, uplifts the heart, awakens the mind, supports the body, and ignites the spirit - was therapy in a cup.  At that moment, The Good Leaf was born with its mission to offer that magic elixir to anyone seeking enhanced health, harmony, tranquility and well-being.

Since that time, Michelle has committed herself to learning all about tea and has pursued her education in tea with the same passion and commitment she brought to her study of psychology. She studied at the Specialty Tea Institute and carefully tasted hundreds of teas. She worked to develop an understanding of the health and well-being benefits as well as the unique flavor profiles of tea, herbs, spices, fruits, flowers and other blending components. Her signature blends are created to offer the ultimate in quality and freshness, and are designed with mindfulness to the specific health and well-being benefits that tea can offer.  Whether you're looking for a tea to reduce stress, support your weight loss efforts, enhance your focus, as a guilt-free indulgence or you're just looking for something good to drink, The Good Lea offers blends... with benefits

With, Dr. Marks comes full circle, blending her therapeutic teas with evidence-based guidance in positive psychology and mind/body medicine. Therapy begins with tea, and when you're ready to pursue your path to improved health and well-being, your journey will be easier and far more pleasant with tea as a foundation for practice in life enhancing strategies.