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Weightea™  isn't a diet; it’s an approach that teaches you to capitalize on the natural capacity of calorie-free tea to enhance your ability to lose weight.

In your weightea™ package, you'll receive 3 full size tins of our delicious functional gourmet tea: an “Ancient Chinese Secret” to boost your metabolism, an “African Activity Aid” for hydration during and after activity, and a “Temptation Tamer” to keep you on track all day long.

The Ancient Chinese Secret:  Juicy Melon Oolong
Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong from China has been skillfully blended with  melon flavoring and sweet licorice. Herbalists believe licorice is a weight loss aid; and we know it provides loads of natural sweetness and makes this tea a delicious and beneficial treat. 
* If you would prefer an unflavored tea, you may substitute unflavored Iron Goddess of Mercy for Juicy Melon Oolong. Choose Unflavored below for that option. 3.5oz tin. 

The African Activity Aid:  Rooibos Lemon-Aid
Organic green rooibos is the perfect backdrop for tart and uplifting natural lemon flavoring.  Drink this iced while exercising, and you’ll be happy and hydrated.  Add just a touch of sweetener (we recommend stevia or agave nectar) and it tastes just like lemonade! 3.5oz tin. 

The Temptation Tamer:  Cinnamon Roll Black Tea
To complete your weightea ™ package we offer you our Cinnamon Roll Black Tea. This was a tea Michelle designed to keep her away from real cinnamon rolls.  It worked!  It tastes like a decadent cinnamon roll, but with no calories and all the health benefits of black tea, this is the ultimate healthy induldgence and sure to curb your cravings.  Substituting calorie-free indulgent teas for high calorie snacks is the most powerful way tea can help you lose weight. You can easily save hundreds of calories a day while boosting energy, reducing stress, and enhancing overall health! 3.5oz tin.

Your package also includes a simple guide where you'll learn about the 3 ways tea can help you when you’re losing weight.  You'll also be introduced to simple strategies to integrate tea drinking into your lifestyle so you can maximize the effectiveness of your weight control efforts.

As a bonus, you’ll receive a downloadable copy of the weight management guide, A Smorgasbord of Weight Control Tips.

Weightea ™ package: $30.00        * Unflavored

A note from Michelle:

"I'm Dr. Michelle Marks, owner of The Good Leaf™ Gourmet Tea Company. Prior to opening The Good Leaf ™, I practiced as a licensed psychologist for many years and specialized in weight control, mind/body medicine, and stress management. My approach has always been to help people devise simple and manageable strategies to achieve their goals. 

Frustrated by exaggerated claims about the power of magic weight loss teas, but aware of the true value of tea for weight control, I devised the weightea™ system to help people easily make the most of tea as a weight loss aid."

Please note that the weightea approach does not promise to "melt away fat" or to result in unnatural amounts of weight loss.  Weightea is an approach that uses tea to complement and boost your efforts at weight management, and when used as part of a sensible weight management strategy, weightea will help you achieve you goal more easily and enjoyably!